CM50 runners who finished within the tight time barrier for the 50 Mile Category rightfully earns the title "BAD ASS". The term "BAD ASS" was coined during the first edition of in 2011 to refer to the difficulty of the addition of 20kms to make it a 50-mile course covering the hilly and rugged part from Aid Station 4 up to the peak (3kms to the caldera of Mt. Pinatubo) where there is no aid station (runners thus have to carry additional fuel and fluid) and the terrain is hilly, remote and almost inaccessible but scenic. It was fondly called "DNF Challenge". To make it worse, the cut-off time was originally 16 hours (now 18 hours). In 2011, the attrition rate for finishers was a massive 75% (only a handful finished the DNF Challenge, er, 50 miles). To this date, the tradition continues and there is still no aid station in that 20-km part going to the peak. (Credits to the RD's friends - RICK GASTON for the CM50 logo and DON UBALDO for coining the terms Bad Ass)


    320 runners have earned the title BAD ASS as of the 6th edition with 460 finishes.


    JAEL WENCESLAO has earned the title Baddest Ass in 2015, being the first runner to finish the race in 5 consecutive years.

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